Looking for a ride captain, mentor or leader for your event? It’s my dream job! I recently captained a team of eight cyclists racing from LA to Miami in the first Race The World. Game changing experience! I lead TechBikers once a year, a charity ride with 70 of London’s hottest entrepreneurs cycling from Paris to London as well as the cycling events I organise. 

Check out my recent testimonial from Race The World:

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sophie from start to finish, she put in so much positive energy and input throughout the whole event, leading Team Deman from LA to Miami.

The way she led Team Deman throughout the two weeks, showed outstanding leadership skills through tough, fast racing, challenging terrain and fatigue; it was clear that every moment I saw the team together how strong a team bond and spirit they had formed.

It was everything we had created in our vision over two years ago, and so so much more!

Sophie’s additional work on the content, blogging and social media while on the event, and fitting this in around the racing when she must have been exhausted, was all much appreciated.

Sophie put 110% into Race the World and we’d recommend her to anyone looking for a ride captain or mentor on their event.
— Leyanne Jenkins - Race Director, Limelight Sports