2nd January 2013 – Day 1, Liberated

2nd January 2013 – Day 1, Liberated. Day 1  felt like the first day of the rest of my life.  I slept off my New Years Eve hangover with 11 hours shut-eye last night and woke up to an excited fiancée ready to help me kick-start my future into action.


After making the monumental decision and taking that leap of faith in my abilities to create new opportunities, I quit my job less than 4 weeks ago.  It’s been a bit of a whirl-wind since then with Christmas and New Year on the go and I’ve done my best to field the inquisitive conversations with friends, family and colleagues who had commented on how happy I’d seemed in my job and wondering what my plan was.

“What is your plan?”  I was asked.  Great question, hmmm… It seems sensible that when making such a big decision to completely change your career path, quit your job and venture into the unknown land with no secure opportunities, that there must be a plan.  Plan there was not.  I’ve learnt in life that some of the best opportunities are ones that you go for without too much thinking and over analysing.  You don’t know where life can take you so you have to create the opportunities for yourself and take risks.  Action can create the best results.  Jump in at the deep end, release your ship from the harbor and go sailing.  That being said, I do of course have a plan – it just needs work and a little time before I would label it as such.

So here I am today, feeling like I have all the opportunity in the world in front of me, it’s a blank book for me to write, create my own trail and go forth.  If you ask me today how I feel I would say liberated.  For the last 6 years I have been building my career and gaining as much experience as I can but at the same time putting off things I wanted to do.  Whether they are running my own company, travelling the world, doing more youth development work, creating more time to exercise and go on adventures or moving abroad – the dreams have been postponed until such time that I felt I had the right experience, confidence and ideas to go forth and explore my dreams.

Today is that day.