Go Sailing

January 3rd 2013- Go Sailing

“A ship in the harbour is safe but that’s not what a ship was built for.  Go Sailing”

 A month ago today I made a decision that will shape the rest of my future.  I walked into work, wrote my resignation letter and sat in front of my Directors to tell them I was leaving.  I ’m sure there are many people who dream about doing just that for weeks, months and even years.  For me, my decision making process lasted a mere two weeks, short because it had been a long time in the making and because time is valuable and I wanted to grasp it.  The decision to leave seemed to come out of no-where to most of my friends, family and colleagues.  It’s because I had so badly wanted to make it work at MVF Global that I had done a good job of masking my disatisfaction with my job and prospects for new opportunities.

Go Sailing
Go Sailing

I had been instrumental in the growth and development of what MVF, it’s people, culture, vision and ethos are about.  Leaving all of this behind as well as the security of being in my comfort zone and receiving a healthy pay check each month was a tough decision.  After putting so much into the success story of the company, I was not inclined to let it go and move on.

I analysed my career at MVF and thought about which aspects of my role I enjoyed the most, where the company was headed and what this would mean for my own career opportunities. The realisations I came to, combined with the ever present feeling that I could do so much more and add more value, made the decision clear to me.  MVF was not going to provide me with the opportunities I was craving.

If I wanted new opportunities, I had to leave my comfort zone to go and seek them for myself.

I needed a new challenge.  It was time to Go Sailing!

Do you want to take the plunge?

Have you done it?

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