How to Sleep Your Way to Success

It’s not exactly news that a good night’s sleep can prepare you better to face all the challenges that life can throw at you. I’ve learnt first-hand the effects of poor sleep on my mental health. My positivity and confidence seem to take a hike when I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

Poor sleep can lead to stress, and stress can lead to poor sleep which leads to more stress and so on. It’s a vicious cycle but through adventure and lifestyle choices, I have managed to break it. 

Here are my tips to improve your sleep, overall wellbeing and pave the way for success! Some of them are a little unconventional… Enjoy!

Sleep, stress and success, Challenge Sophie Blog

Sleeping in the great outdoors

One of my favourite things to do is wild camp under the stars. Spending the night surrounded only by nature just feels like a total privilege. Wrapped up in a bivvy bag or a small tent in a beautiful location is sometimes just what I need to break this stress loop and wake up with an entirely fresh perspective.

Waking up in the early dawn to watch the sunset is mind-blowing. And although I might not have been as cosy or comfy as I would in a normal bed, I feel energised and excited by removing myself from my normal existence. My day gets off to an awesome start, my stress levels are lower and I just feel happier.

Sleep, stress and success, Challenge Sophie Blog
Wild camping on the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Wild camping on the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Making time to exercise

On the days that I work out, I sleep like a baby. Not only does a run, cycle or workout at the gym flood me with endorphins, it also offloads some of my mental baggage. This means that by the time I hit the sack, my mind is clearer and my body is happily knackered and I feel rested and ready to drift off.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that we are too tired to work out but if it’s the answer to a good night’s sleep, even just doing a 30-minute session is worth the effort.

Running up mountains at sunset in the Cairngorms, Scotland

Running up mountains at sunset in the Cairngorms, Scotland

Perfecting my sleep environment

When I am not adventuring and I’m at my home in London, I make sure that my journey to bed is as routine and relaxing as possible. To do this I take a bath or a shower, power down my laptop and phone, dim the lights and spritz some sleep spray on my pillow. This triggers a message to my brain that it’s time to wind down.

Making little adjustments to your sleeping routine and environment can really promote a restful sleep. It also helps to make sure your bed is set up correctly with a quality mattress and pillow so you don’t wake up with a cricked neck and feeling like you’ve slept on a rock.

Sleep, stress and success, Challenge Sophie Blog

A night aboard the sleeper train

Scotland has always stolen my heart and I regularly go up there in search of adventure. My mode of transport is always the Caledonian Sleeper Train which I would recommend to anyone looking for a unique sleeping experience.

Sleep, stress and success, Challenge Sophie Blog. Caledonian Sleeper Scotland

The train leaves at 9pm from hectic London Euston among the fray of crowds of people making their way to their platforms. On board is a little cabin just for me and a modest bed where I can sleep for the night’s journey. The novelty of this train is that not only does it gently rock you to sleep but the view you get when you wake up is amazing. While you were sleeping the urban jungle you left behind has been replaced by the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

It is truly one of the most unexpected, restful night’s sleep I have ever had. When I hop off the train at Fort William I always feel energised and ready to hunt for adventure.

Ben Nevis, Scotland

Ben Nevis, Scotland

Campaigning for better sleep and mental health

If it’s time to address your own sleeping environment and update your matress, bedding experts TEMPUR® are supporting the Mental Health Foundation. This foundation has pioneered new ways of looking at mental health and improving the lives of people experiencing mental illness for more than 60 years.

TEMPUR® will be donating £10 for every mattress sold through the TEMPUR® UK website, or through a TEMPUR owned store (brand or outlet) throughout May 2018.

This post is sponsored by Tempur

Sleep tight!