The 'ONE LIFE, LIVE IT' Documentary

When I quit my job almost four years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do next. All I knew was that if I wanted to create a new path, I had to take that leap of faith figure out the next steps. I had many, many dreams and I had spent eight years behind a computer screen working in the city of London, dreaming about all the things I'd love to do. I didn't want those dreams to stay dreams, forever locked away in my 'one day' folder. Today I am excited to share with you my first documentary 'One Life Live It.'

It's been an incredible journey to where I am today. Filled with as many moments that have made me cry with happiness and gratitude as moments that have made me cry with frustration and sadness. 

Earlier this year Tom Walder and Luke Leeks approached me and said they would like to produce a documentary based on my story, my passion for adventure and helping people make positive change in their lives, and my vision for the future.

We filmed in Scotland and in London. Tom came with me to many of my talks and events, and they combined everything they filmed with footage from previous adventures into one documentary.

One Life Live It

It feels great to share our documentary with you. We thought the most fitting name for was 'One Life Live It' seeing as it's this philosophy that has led to everything else. 

Thank you as ever for your support and joining me on this journey. It means so much.

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