Cupcakes and Scones

Hi Cupcakes! Love these

I spent the last day of my Big Blog Exchange adventure eating cupcakes and scones at the Hostelling International office in Welwyn Garden City. Hostelling International is a federation of National Youth Hostel Associations all over the world. They're the ones who sent me, along with 15 other bloggers, to the other side of the world to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. :)

The President of Hostelling International

Brianda and Scarlett

Look at those cupcakes! Yummy!

We had a little chat about my adventure and the hostelling experience that I've never done before. Yes, that's right: I never stayed at a hostel before. Years before this contest, I've always planned my Eurotrip adventure and how I'm going to do it. There were a lot of things to consider, such as airfare and transportation but accommodations were the hardest to figure out. Staying at a hotel for a long term trip wasn't ideal but I have no idea what is it like to stay at a hostel either. But thanks to Hostelling International, my perspective changed and I'm very happy to say that my first hosteling experience was favorable.

I've always wanted to travel the world, but with United Kingdom as my #1 travel destination priority. I honestly thought this day will never come, but it did, and I thank Hostelling International for this wonderful opportunity. Now, I can finally pursue my other set of dreams: to see the rest of the world, meet new people and have the best adventure of my life. :)

You can read the rest of my Big Blog Exchange meeting here. :)