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In it to Win It We all know that saying "you've got to be in it to win it", right?  How many times have you seen something you wanted to win but thought "I wouldn't win it, that won't happen to me"? Whether it's a job, a competition or an award - one thing is for certain that if you don't apply you are never going to win.

Today, my message is APPLY! In the last 3 months I have won two things that I applied for that will both affect the course of my life and goals I am working for.  When I came across them, of course I thought I'll never win that, there will be loads of people applying who are more qualified than I am... BUT I wanted these opportunities and I believed I had the chance to win, so I applied and won them both.

Big Blog Exchange

The first was the Big Blog Exchange as you know about. In June, I was sent to Singapore and Malaysia for an all expenses paid 10 days to have a fantastic trip and blog about my experiences.

Becoming a Brand Champion

Today I can announce that I have been selected by SportPursuit as a Brand Champion. This means I will be proudly wearing SportPursuit kit when I race and get out on my challenges. One of the perks of this role is a staff discount on the already heavily reduced products they sell from some of my favourite swimming, cycling, triathlon and mountaineering brands. I honestly can't wait to go shopping!

Not only is promoting SportPursuit something that fits well within my natural abilities, the scope for my role with them is entirely up to me. ChallengeSophie is all about getting people into their own challenges and this will give me the platform to share what I love to do with more people. I'm excited about partnering with a young and successful startup - they are growing fast and I'm looking forward to working together to do what I can to help accelerate this growth. The team is passionate about endurance sports so it seems like a perfect match!

For me personally, this is a big tick in support of what I'm working towards. It shows that people, SportPursuit, you guys who read my blog, all believe in what I'm doing and want me to keep going to see how far we can take this.

It's my dream to motivate and help people take on their own challenges and new goals, or join me on mine. It's that feeling of achieving you get when you complete your challenge that changes your life. It's happened to me time and time again, it happened to my colleagues when we cycled from London to Amsterdam together through hail and wind, it's happened to many of you out there who keep finding the next challenge or adventure.

It's accessible to everyone and we don't have to make sacrifices to get it.  I'm on a mission to help people believe it and help them get there.

Thank you so much to all of you for reading my blog, commenting, following me on Twitter and Facebook and of course to SportPursuit for this opportunity to champion your brand.

Becoming a Brand Champion for Sport Pursuit
Becoming a Brand Champion for Sport Pursuit
Go and apply for what ever it is you think you won't get!!!
Go and apply for what ever it is you think you won't get!!!