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    Cycling up Emosson Dam
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    Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run
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    Trail running with Charley Radcliffe
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    Challenge Sophie Cycling in Chamonix
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    Challenge Sophie, Adventurer
Race The World: The Team and Two Wheels

Race The World: The Team and Two Wheels

Team. If there’s one thing that stands out from my experience on Race The World so far, it’s the team. I can’t remember the last time I felt so much support, love and had so much fun with a group of people who were strangers just a few days ago. We time trialled hundreds of miles through California, Arizona, New… Read more →

Race The World. California - Arizona

Race The World. California – Arizona

It’s Day 3 of the first edition of Race The World,  we woke up in the Arizona desert, ate breakfast in the dark, watched the sunrise and jumped in the minibus. Yesterday was the same routine, different state. We went to sleep and woke up in Joshua Tree National Park, California. It’s safe to say that already in two days,… Read more →