Head to the Hills #BrewYourPower

“No-one actually likes the taste of green tea” my brother said after I’d placed my order in a local cafe. “Umm… yes they do, I do!” Until three years ago, I felt the same way as him. The only hot drink I ever drank was hot chocolate. I have never drunk tea or coffee and hated the taste of both, along with green tea.

A January health kick in 2013 changed all of that and now I cannot get enough of herbal tea. I start every day with green tea and drink endless cups of it all day long. You could say I am a fan!

Earlier this year I was in Scotland running in the highlands, when Pukka approached me about the possibility of working together.

My daily routine in Scotland was simple; wake up, drink green tea and go explore the mountains. It wasn’t about breaking limits, but just about being out in the hills, feeling fit and healthy and doing what makes me feel strong and happy.

My routine inspired me to present an idea to Pukka that I hoped they would love. My aim was to create something that I hoped could inspire you to live your best, most inspired and fulfilled life. I developed the concept with Pukka and BrewYourPower was born!

The campaign manifested by us asking you to share your stories on social media of moments that are powerful and inspiring in your life. Again, this was not about breaking limits or winning races. It was about you sharing moments that meant something to you because they were a personal breakthrough for you, and us celebrating them with you. The entries were so inspiring!

We had four winners who all received a HUGE hamper of Pukka tea goodies and one overall winner who I had the pleasure of sharing a wonderful Saturday running in the hills with this weekend.

Laura is a Mum of two boys, a personal trainer and a woman who is coming through a few setbacks in life. Her health isn’t where she would like it to be, but that hasn’t stopped her from staying positive and working towards gains that make her feel confident in mind and body. "I just want to feel like me", she explained when I asked her about her motivation and what she was working for.

We met in Chinley in the Peak District on Saturday morning before heading off into the hills for a few hours. I had plotted a 10km route over three hills, followed by a pub lunch.

I know Laura was a little nervous to begin with, I think she thought I might make her do something that felt outside of her limits, but I explained from the start this was about us having fun, getting out in the hills and doing whatever feels good.

There were some pretty steep inclines but we took it easy on them and stopped to catch our breath and enjoy the views from the top. I love this part of the world because there is practically no-one there. Just a few people walking their dogs. It requires some, but not a lot of effort to feel like you are away from it all.

I took my GoPro and made this little edit of our day in the hills. I loved being with Laura, sharing what we both love – a passion for sport, an adventurous mindset and the desire to get the most from ourselves. But most importantly, to enjoy the journey! I was impressed with Laura’s determination and keeping a brave face even when I know she was having doubts in her head, you rock lady! 

I know we’re both thankful to Pukka for making this happen! It’s nearly four years since I quit my job in the city of London and amazing things like this happening makes me so happy . Helping you live your best life and break down barriers in pursuit of your goals is the best thing ever! I am forever grateful for opportunities like these #BrewYourPower

Thank you Merrell for the awesome trail shoes!

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