Brew Your Power


A few months ago when I became an Ambassador for Pukka, we put our heads together to think about what our partnership meant and how we could create something that we hope could power and inspire you to live your best, most inspired and fulfilled life.  Today I am excited to launch our #BrewYourPower campaign!

I start every day with a mug of green tea which sets me up for the day ahead whether that's a full day of training and meetings in London, or heading off on my next challenge.
Staying hydrated and getting the right nutrients in my body is key and I feel herbal tea really helps to power my body.


Pukka and I have collaborated on this campaign to ask you to share your powerful moments and achievements with us. Your body is amazing and so are you, so set yourself a goal and share it with us!

It starts today, 6th June and runs for six weeks until the 18th of July with cool prizes to be won!

Watch this video to hear more about the campaign and how we'd love you to get involved!

How to get involved:

Tag me @challengesophie and @pukkaherbs using the hashtag #BrewYourPower and each week we will chose winners to receive a hamper of Pukka goodies At the end of the campaign four people will win a training day in the mountains with me and Pukka. I cannot wait for this!


To help you get inspired for setting and achieving your goals, here are my top three tips:

1. Harness your why

Before deciding on a new goal and putting a plan into place to achieve it, I think about why having a new goal is important to me and how I want to change.For me this is the most important stage in setting and working towards my goals.

When it gets hard and I want to stop, am tired and tempted to miss training or give up during a challenge, understanding and channelling my deepest internal motivators is what will keep me going. Don't get caught up chasing someone else's dream, make sure it is yours and you know why that's important to you. You'll need to draw on this when you need to dig deep.


2. Make sure your goal is big enough

I've made the mistake in the past to set goals that are not big enough, only to find that they don't motivate me to really challenge myself and change. I've learnt that the things that scare me the most, that I almost convince myself I can't do, or am not the right person for, these end up being my proudest achievements and pivotal moments in life.


3. Get the right people on your bus

Setting yourself a goal and working towards it is a beautiful and rewarding, yet challenging journey. There are inevitably times when we question ourselves and feel like we can't do it. In these times, drawing on the support from your network is so important. When setting yourself a big goal that may require you to make sacrifices and change your lifestyle, you need to get the people onboard who you spend most your time with. Having the support and understanding from your family or partner makes a huge difference, so get them on your bus!


Equally, having someone to train with is brilliant motivation. When my alarm goes off for training and I'm tempted to stay in bed, not wanting to let my friend down is a big motivation. I also think about how great I feel afterwards and focus on that. I've never been training and regretted it! Never taken on a challenge and wished I hadn't. It's these moments that change me and help me grow. They are my proudest achievements and the memories I look back on with happiness, knowing I'm squeezing every last ounce of living out of my time on this planet. They fill my life with wonderful moments that have a powerful affect in the next stage of my journey, what I do and how I feel about myself.

That's why I'm excited to launch the #BrewYourPower campaign with Pukka and see what it means to you!